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As forests are one of the world’s main carbon sinks, and home to almost 70% of terrestrial biodiversity, the challenge of protecting and developing them is fully integrated into France Valley’s management process. The Management Company’s ambition is to go beyond what is required by law in terms of silvicultural management, and to achieve sustainable management by reconciling economic, environmental and social objectives. France Valley has thus adopted a Charter for the Sustainable Management of French Forests, which sets out the company’s silvicultural management objectives in partnership with the forest managers who work in our forests on a daily basis. Photo credit: Bois du Parc d’Aisey (France Valley, GFI France Valley Patrimoine)

The Charter’s commitments include :


  • Measures to promote biodiversity in the forest: mixed silviculture with continuous cover, soil protection, maintenance of the sylvo-genetic balance, natural regeneration, dead wood and senescence islands, etc. ;

  • Measures to promote carbon storage in forests: in order to measure the increase in the forest’s carbon storage capacity, the carbon footprint of forests is measured using an in-house Forest Carbon Index, audited by Novethic;
  • Measures to anticipate climate change: the Management Company encourages the planting of new species better adapted to the future consequences of climate change;
  • Measures to promote local employment and the timber industry.


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