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The Champagne appellation covers a unique territory: this wine-growing region benefits from original weather, since the oceanic climate provides rainfall and the continental climate provides the sunshine necessary for the grapes to ripen. Furthermore, the parent rock of the appellation is made up of chalk, which stores water from precipitation, like a sponge, to then gradually restore it during the summer period. Add that this appellation is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and that it has a reputation worthy of the greatest global brands, you will understand that the price of vines in Champagne may not follow the evolution of the average for French vineyards.

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France Valley aims to have a rate of vines certified HVE (High Environmental Value), or VDC (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) or organic, which is higher than the average certification of the Appellation. From this point of view, 100% of the surfaces of GFV I, GFV II and GFV III are HVE certified. This rate is 79% for Foncière Champenoise France Valley I, compared to a rate of 60% in Champagne (Source: Comité Champagne).

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Article 29 report – Energy-Climate Act

Discover the Article 29 Report of Law No. 2019-1147 of November 8, 2019 relating to energy and climate.

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