GFI France Valley Patrimoine acquires the Grande Paroisse forest

GFI France Valley Patrimoine has acquired the 481-hectare Grande Paroisse forest in the Seine-et-Marne region, located in the communes of Forges, La Grande-Paroisse, Valence-en-Brie and Vernou-La-Celle-sur-Seine. This group of three adjacent but not contiguous forests is mainly made up of coppice with oak reserves (152 hectares), oak high forest (81 hectares) and young deciduous oak - red oak stands (89 hectares). Coniferous parcels complete the ensemble.

This forest has good access, which France Valley will be reinforcing by creating around 2.4 km of roads accessible to logging trucks, coupled with the systematic installation of partitions before each harvest in order to preserve the soil, which is as fertile as it is fragile due to the high proportion of silt.


The reconstitution of 13.36 hectares of poor stands is underway, in line with the desire to improve ecosystems and take account of climate change, with the mixed planting of 7 hardwood species, including the Flat Maple, the Black Walnut and the Cormier.


The massif also has areas of high ecological interest, in particular peat bogs and alluvial forests, which will be the subject of an in-depth study to determine what action needs to be taken over the next few years, by acting on the degree of openness of the environments and the circulation of water, with the aim of maintaining or even improving biodiversity. If we had to name just one of the many species found in this massif, the area is suspected of being home to the nationally threatened Loggerhead Shrike.

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