France Valley commits to sustainable reforestation

France Valley joins forces with Strasbourg Centre Energie, HOPIS and EMA (Eco-manifestations Alsace) in a sustainable reforestation initiative. On 21 March, France Valley, through its GFI France Valley Patrimoine vehicle, signed two agreements to reforest 9 hectares of the Weihermatt forest in Andlau (Bas-Rhin). This area, affected by dieback and attacks by bark beetles, will be treated using the "reconstitution of degraded forest stands" method approved by the Low-Carbon label.

Species such as Douglas fir, Scots pine, Corsican laricio pine, sessile oak, downy oak and European larch will be planted, having been selected for their self-ecology adapted to the site and their resilience to the consequences of ongoing climate change. The signing of the agreements and the co-financing of the project reflect the desire of Strasbourg Centre Energie, HOPIS and EMA (Eco-manifestations Alsace) to contribute to the carbon neutrality of their activities by investing in local forestry projects.
This reforestation project offers a carbon sequestration potential estimated at 2,250tCo2 over 30 years. GFI France Valley Patrimoine has undertaken to carry out the reforestation work and maintain the plantations. France Valley regularly carries out reforestation projects throughout France, and remains open to organisations wishing to commit to reducing their CO2 emissions via the Low Carbon Label.

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