A look back at the Neutrality conference on 6 June!

At the Neutrality event, organised by Everwood and Institut Orygeen, which brought together the worlds of business and natural asset managers, France Valley announced the launch of a solution to support businesses in their net zero strategy: a pan-European afforestation fund to create future forest carbon sinks.

In view of the forecast rise in the price of carbon credits, preparing for carbon offsetting is a financial imperative, which must be carried out by companies in parallel with the industrial reorganisation required to reduce their environmental footprint. France Valley enables them to do this, not by selling them carbon credits every year, but by enabling them to secure new natural carbon sinks for decades to come. Projects are already underway in France, the three Baltic States and Ireland, on unused land.

With a network of around fifty forestry technicians selected from all over Europe, France Valley has the capacity to identify, audit and negotiate bare land, plant it with a variety of species and maintain it, in order to permanently change the carbon footprint of these sites. Each plantation can be visited during the day. Each plantation is built to France Valley’s environmental standards, and the company is renowned for its ability to increase the capacity of all the forests in its portfolio to host biodiversity.


Arnaud FILHOL said:


“For several years now, we’ve been asking ourselves how we could meet the needs of businesses with projects that weren’t on the other side of the planet. Over the last three years, we’ve put our European network of forestry partners to the test, so we’re now in a position to provide a local, long-term solution, with no risk of non-additionality and with total control from an operational point of view. We already manage tens of thousands of hectares of forest in 10 European countries. ”


📸 Photo credit: Institut Orygeen

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