Castanea forest

The Castanea forest, owned by SAS France Valley Foncière Europe and located in Romania, 13 km from Pitesti, enjoys a temperate continental climate zone with an average annual temperature of 9.8°C. The forest’s sloping terrain has a decisive influence on climatic factors such as heat and humidity. It creates a specific climate topography and also determine the soil depth and the richness of the humus. These influences are reflected in the stationary bonite, which ultimately determines the high productivity of the property. The amount of rainfall (455 mm) during the year is sufficient for the forest vegetation. Half of the Castanea forest is comprised of very high-quality sessile oaks and pedunculate oaks (47%). It also contains beech (23%), hornbeam (12%), linden (6%) and other tree species (14%).

Key figures


sessile and pedunculate


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