Fire report for France Valley: 30 ha affected out of 22,000 managed

With 16.9 million hectares covering 30% of the mainland area, French forests experience 4,000 fires each year, destroying 11,000 hectares.

This summer, over 60,000 hectares were affected in France. Concerning the forests owned by the France Valley funds, a fire broke out on Monday 18 July in Roz An Eol forest. This spans 136 ha (1% of the surface area owned by the Investment Forestry Group), in Brittany, in the municipalities of Brennilis and La Feuillée. The surface area of the fire is around 30 ha but mainly concerns young reforestation areas. Our fire cover is provided by Pacifica, which should make it possible to finance the construction of new plantations and the necessary maintenance in the coming years over the entire surface area if necessary. In the rest of France Valley's portfolio of Forest Groups, the most exposed forest, spanning a significant surface area, is Cheylard forest (located in the northern Ardèche), which is subject to special monitoring by firefighters, with a watch maintained on site. Meanwhile, "forest fire defence" water basins are maintained at the various sites, where firefighters carry out training. Although this cannot rule out the risk of fires, it can reduce the impact.

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